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One Non-Dairy Base, So Many Possibilities!!

Start with Euforia Foods Original Frozen Non-Dairy Dessert Mix, then add your signature with innovative flavors & inclusions that appeal to your valued customers!

The Euforia Difference

Superior Taste & Texture

Euforia Original Frozen Non-Dairy Dessert Mix delivers a neutral flavor profile and ultra-creamy texture derived from pure pea protein, providing a blank canvas for your creativity! Other common bases that utilize alternative plant-based derivatives, such as coconut, almond, and oats, make it difficult to consistently achieve a dairy-like experience and limit the ability to create the range of innovative flavors people crave. 

High-Quality Ingredients

Euforia Original Frozen Non-Dairy Dessert Mix uses a unique blend of the highest-quality natural ingredients, free from major allergens including dairy, nuts, gluten, and soy. Other non-dairy bases contain milk proteins and derivatives such as caseinate and whey,  artificial flavors, corn syrup sweeteners, and other "fillers".

Consistency & Ease of Use

Euforia Original Frozen Non-Dairy Dessert Mix is pre-mixed and ready to go, while many non-dairy powder mixes require adding water first, often resulting in quality and consistency issues. With Euforia, you can simply thaw, shake, and create! 

Packaged for Your Needs

Euforia Original Frozen Non-Dairy Dessert Mix is perfectly packaged to meet your batch needs.  Available in 1-gallon jugs, 2.5-gallon bags, and 300-gallon totes. 

Just Thaw, Shake and Create!

Just thaw, shake and create!
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